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Who We Are and What We Do

Paving the Road Towards a Better Future

As a trusted charitable organization founded in 2004,  Saviour USA is a Texas based 501(C)(3) organization with a group of people dedicated to provide support to the under privileged families  in US and around the world.  For past fourteen plus years, Saviour USA has been instrumental in raising funds to support the families of martyrs, widows, orphans, and other needy families.  We work closely with like minded organization to continue our mission.  Our special thanks to the team of Shaheed Foundation, Pakistan for accommodating and providing us with logistic support to reach the families of shohada in Pakistan.  As the name suggests, we use funds to relief of poverty and assistance through consultation, monetary, legal and educational assistance to empower families and individuals across Pakistan who are the victims of natural disasters, sectarian killings, violence, and terrorism. Our goal is to focus especially on orphans and families left destitute due to terrorism and ensuring their sustenance and opportunities in life. 

Saviour, USA is named after the Imam of our time (ajtf) who is our Protector and Saviour. All Praises to Allah Subhan O'tallah for blessing us with a leader and an Imam to guide us and help us in these difficult times.

All donations to the organization are tax deductible.  Our accounts are maintained professionally and are filed annually with the Internal Revenue Services.  A copy of Form 990 can be accessed using the IRS website.  A request may be made at for a copy of updated accounts.


Going forward

Our guiding principals:

  • Support for families, enabling and providing resources.

  • Invest in individuals programs such as educational assistance, scholarship, grants etc.

  • Enriching lives and enabling families to grow with micro finance projects

  • Empowering communities by investing in  Schools, Colleges, Orphanages, Clinics, hospitals and other common projects to benefit communities.

Member United Nations - Eradication of Poverty.

Your donation is Amanah ...

Shohada familes:

We adhere to our responsibilities of supporting the noble families of martyrs who have became the target of secretarial violance and State terrorism.  We work with organisation in reaching out these families and to use the logistics provided by these great organization to support the families of martyrs. We have several projects to extend our support to the noble families to include the followings:

  • Monthly support

  • Rental and Housing assistance

  • Medical and other support

  • Scholarships and grants for higher education.

  • Free homes for martyrs families

  • Marriage support

  • Orphans and support

Saviour's Projects:

Saviour has ZERO admin cost ...

Saviour through its volunteers network through out Pakistan, India and Iraq works on several projects to help needy and less fortunate, and to uplift and enrich lives to progress and become strong elements of the society:

  • Financial support to needy families.

  • Medical, clinical and health support and upgrading medical equipment.

  • Marriages and financial support.

  • Schooll adoption, construction and support.

  • Food and meat distribution

  • Housing for Sadaats

  • Micro financing projects

  • Water boring and hand pumps

  • Water filteration and RO plants

  • Used clothings.

Orphans-My Children

100% of your donation goes towards your designation

Saviour USA is blessed to have partnered with IMAM in coordinating and collabrating efforts to support Orphans in India and Pakistan.  We have following projects in progress to assist orphans:
Al- Mustafa Orphanage in Islamabad
Al-Mustafa II Orpahns at Cadet College, Chakri, Rawalpindi
Al-Abbas Hostel, Alipur, India
Partial support of Al-Kauther Orphanage in Parachinar
Education support to Orphans (others)