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Education, a way forward

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Educating Our youths, a way forward

Currently Saviour, USA is actively exploring ways to help promote education in Pakistan and India.  Few of our projects include Ali Model School in Orangi, multiple ghost schools in Karachi and Khairpur.
Saviour's future progression and development include construction of school in Khairpur, Karachi, and Islamabad.  In Islamabad, the project to start construction of school and hostel will inshallah begin as soons as the logistics has been worked our.


Noble School, Alipur, India

Under the leadership of Agha Syed Adeel Raza, the school is being run and managed by Agha Syed Nakeer Raza.  Under his leadership, the school mentors and educate member of shia communities.  The school is not for profit, private school and all expens are paid out of tuition collected. 
Saviour, USA financially assist those students who achieve higher standard and are most deserving.


Khadijatul Kubra Academy

Khadijatul Kubra Academy moved to its new campus in slums of Noth Karachi in July 2018 to provide quality education to the poor children who otherwise unable to attend schools. The fees are almost none with most of the school expenses paid our of donation from generous people of the community. 
Saviour, USA in collabration of Pak Night supports the academy and strongly admires the efforts and works that has been put together to promote education and welfare of children.