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Got a Question? Here’s An Answer!

How many people do you impact with your charitable work?

We are humbled to have reached hundred of thousands momineen with our micro and macro projects. Our donors include a few year old to our elder through out US.

If I make a donation, can I decide what my money is used for?

With Saviour, you spell exactly how you wish us to use your donation.  It willl only be used for specific purpose in its entirety. We do not generalized your donation.

Which countires are you more active in?

Saviour USA maintains its presents in US helping needy with financail suppolrt. It also actively involved in Pakistan, India, and Iraq.

Got a Question? Here’s An Answer!

Do we have Ijaza to collect Khums?

Alhamdollilah we are blessed to have Ijaza from all major Marajee to collect and use part of it for various project.

Where can we see copy of Ijaza from Ayatullah Syed Ali Sistani?

Copies of our valid Ijaza from the Office of Ayatullah Syed Ali Al Hussaini Al Sistani is available to view. Please click:

How we disburse our Sadaat portion of Khums?

Our first priority is to use the Khums Sadaat for the Sadaat families of shohada.  Our donors also get the option of designating their sadaat khums to be spent in certain ways; such as for housing for sadaat project, rickshaw project, marraiage support and or any other related assistance. All within the prescribed proximity of Shar'ea.

How can we sponsor a family of Shaheed?

You can setup a recurring monthly support donation online. On average, its about $100 a family of Shaheed.

Can we adopt an Orphan Child?

We have various projects supporting orphans. Please contact us and we will provide you specific details of the child that you wish to adopt.

Can you help us with Sadka (goat) qurbani?

Alhamdollilah, we have volunteers in various countries to perform the sadka qurbani on your behalf.  Kindly click donation tab and choose sadqa qurbani. We will confirm back once the qurbani is done.

We need to pay for kaffarah for missing fasts

At Saviour, we manage to feed the Orphans and distribute food to take care of your Kaffarah/fidya.  For a specific question, please send us a text/email.