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About Our Foundation

We Make It Easy to Help Others

There are hundreds of thousands of families in countries such as Pakistan, India, and Iraq living in the darkness of poverty with limited to no resources to survive, much less provide education for their children.  The main goal is to provide financial support to families including sadaat and non sadaat and create opportunities for them to become productive members of the community.

In our mission to help families, there are times when we come across brave honorable souls who would prefer to earn their own bread with startup financial assistance. Therefore, whenever possible, we try to aid individuals in earning their own living through various means such as cottage industries, small retail outlets, and any other suitable means with self-respect and opportunities to make an honest living.

The amount expected and pleaded for is as little as $500 or as much as few thousand dollars.  Our volunteers collect the data, examine applications, and analyze the needs and qualifications of individuals ensuring they are qualified enough to run a particular business. On a monthly basis, we publish this list of individuals, their qualifications, experiences, and estimated cost to start the business.

This has been applied and new projects have been successfully deployed with very positive and encouraging results thus boosting our confidence in this relatively new but effective way for the future. 

Often, we blackout the names of individual or use abbreviations due to self respect of the individual and or family.  This philosophy is indeed aligned with various narrations of our Imams (A.S). 


  • Auto Rickshaw

  • Small grocery/candy store.

  • Photography equipment

  • Van for transporting students

  • Compter lab - Internet Cafe

  • Moving carts with toys

We encourage momineen to participate in this good cause and help bring individuals and families out of poverty by providing them with opportunities that will make them productive members of our society, Inshallah.

We will have more updates regarding various opportunities and individuals along with their qualifications.

How We Help

It Starts With the Will to Make a Difference

Fight the Childhood Hunger

One of the main reasons SAVIOURUSA.ORG was founded in 2000 was to fight against the childhood hunger.  Saviour, with help of its volunteered and partnered organization in India and Pakistan arranges to feed school going children and to provide them with the nutrition's that they need to grow and be healthy.

Volunteer Opportunities

At Saviour there are many opportunities to volunteer by helping to raise awareness and get more people involved and participate.  One tool that has been used is for individual to setup their own fundraising efforts on social media to help the families in need and to provide for the education of our children.

Clothing Drives

Saviour, over last many years has arranged to ship out slightly used clothing container to Pakistan for distribution among poor and needy people.  In 2017, its sister volunteers had arranged to collect the used wedding dresses and accessories for to be weeded brides and grooms. 

Give them gift of life

Water is essential source of life and having the opportunities to provide with clean water means a lot to many in places where water is all dirty, or none available.  Saviour has installed filtration plants, RO's and erected many water pumps to provide the water to the needy areas.


Improving the Lives of Many