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ORPHANS "My Children"


Partnering and collaborating with IMAM to support Orphans in Pakistan and India.

There are hundreds of thousands of families in countries like Pakistan and India, living in the darkness of poverty with limited to no resources to survive, much less provide education to their children.  The main goal is to provide financial support to needy families including and create opportunities for them to become productive elements of the community.

Al-Mustafa Orphanage, Islamabad

There are 38 orphans from the shohada families residing at the Al-Mustafa homes.  These are being taken care of Agha Iqrar Hussain and his wife.  Agha Iqrar Hussain is the brother of Agha Hur Shabbiri, ex-resident aleem of IEC, Houston.  Currently they reside in a rental property but do plan to build an orphanage and a school. you can lend your support.

Cadet College, Chakri

We have about thirty orphans from the Shohada families getting education at one of the best facility in Rawalpindi.  These students are housed at the hostels provided by school. There monthly fees are over $125 a month, and one can only adopt a child with a committment of atleast three years.

Al-Abbas Hostel, Alipur

There are over sixty Orphans housed at Al Abbas Hostel in Alipur, India managed by Maulana Ali Raza.  Saviour provides assistance, eid gifts and has built a computer lab. In 2017 it helped and paid for building a computer facility on premises for the students and to provide them the tools to advance in their studies.

Other facilities:

Many other facilities/orphanges are being helped including Abbas Alamdar Hostel, Ali orphanage in Parachinar and many others. There are many ways for you to contribute to our charitable endeavours, one of which is to get involved with some of our important causes. Read on to learn more about what we do and how you can lend your support.