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Ration Distribution:

Alhamdollilah, this year we plan to extend our presence to areas such in Thar, Khairpur, Hyderabad, Ranipur, various vicinities of Karachi, Rawalpindi, Hungo, Parachinar, Jang, Okara, and may other localities.

In addition to Pakistan, inshallah we plan to distribute rations to Alipur, and Mumbai, India and also Najaf Al Ashraf Iraq amoung the students of hoza.  Each bags has enough food to last for 20plus days for a family of four.

Iftaar at various Masajids & Hussainia

With the network of our volunteers, we will inshallah serve Iftaar to various Masajids and Hussainia through out the month of Ramadan.  Average attendence is about 125 to 150 people and the cost to serve one Iftaar is about $125.00  You may sponsor Iftaar for Eisal Thawab for your murhoomeen as well.

Quran Recitation for Eisal Thawab:

Alhamdollilah, we been doing this for last many years.  Families in India, Pakistan, and Iraq read the entire book of Holy Quran for the Eisal Thawab of your murhoomeen.  We have a set hadyia of $50 to this families, which in turn helps them with Ramadan and Eid expenses.  Most of families are middle class who would not accept help, otherwise.

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holy Ramadan

Eid Gifts

For the Orphan Boys & Girls of Shohada

Al-Mustafa Homes 39 boys

Madinatul Ilm Islamabad 28 boys

Taxila Orphanage 33 boys

Ali Trust Parachinaar 80 boys

Al-Kousar Trust Parachinaar 120 boys

Al Kausar Trust Parachinaar 55 girls

Hangoo area 25 girls

Muzaffarabad, camps 20 girls

Alipur India 77 boys