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Clean Drinking Water

Its seems universal issue specially in third world countries such as Pakistan to have access to clean drinking water.  Hundreds of thousands of villages have scarce and or no source of clean drinking water.  There are villages in Pakistan that do not even have city water lines, and only source of water for the entire city is hand pump for each household. Hundreds of villages have to depend on wells for their water needs  

How do we help?

Water wells

For hundreds of villages, the only source of water is wells.  For areas such as Thar, these well need to be digged for 500 feets to reach water level. Each well costs aboutn $4,000 not including the cost of automation.  Most villages have only one well for a around 200 plus houses.  Often times, they need to travel upto 20 kilometer to neighboring villages to access these wells.

RO & Filteration plants

Most places, specially schools, clinics, masajids, and other public places the quality of water is quite bad with particles and other unwanted stuff added.  With RO Plants, the water is extracted from underground through boring and sned it through filteration to remove sediments and unwanted minerals. The filteration plants help provide the children with fresh, heathy water.  These plants usually cost around $4,000 including the maintenance and up keeping of equipment

Hand pumps

These are the cheapest way of getting the water using the boring and a handpump.  A betterway is to utilize water motor, providing there is power available.  Our efforts are to find localities such as bazaar, or places where multiple families can benefit.  Only only cost $150 for boring and hand pump.  Hand pump allows access to everyone and lasts for years.