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Shaheed Foundation

Our responsibilities towards families of martyrs


Alhamdulillaah Saviour USA, among many projects, works deligently to support the families of shohada in Pakistan.  In our efforts to reach out to the families, Saviour USA sends funds for families support to Shaheed Foundation,  Pakistan.  Having collabration with many other organization, we aim to reach out the orphans, widows and other families members and work towards providing them the opportunities to educate and be successful and prosper.

How We Help

It Starts With the Will to Make a Difference

Family Support

With almost two thousand families to support , Shaheed Foundation is being supporting these familes for last twenty years.  Alhamdollilah with the help of momineen, We not only provide them monthly support but also the assistance with education, medical, marriages, and  many other expenses.  With a monthly expenditure of over two jhundred thousand a month, you made it possible to make this happen with your donation.  To get more information, or to sponsor a family please contact us.

Community developments

One of our main causes here at SAVIOUR USA and Shaheed Foundation is to uphold the privacy and self respect of the families.  For the very reason, we do not public any personal information.  Our volunteer emphasis not only financially assisting these families but also nurturing and providing moral support and opportunities to grow and advance in the community. Many of the members have advanced their carrier and have become doctors, engineers and other rewarding carriers.

Functions and picnics:

Holding of events such as annual women's day to celebrate birth anniversary of Lady of Light Syeda Zehra s.a., annual picnics, eid gifts, qurbani, counselling and ongoing get to gether with other families provides these families with support that they need to cope with the loss that they have suffered. Contact us to learn more.

Education, a way forward:

When a family loses a father and or husband, they also loose some one who not only provies with financial support but also looks after their safety and progress.  At SFP, we try to step up our efforts to look after these families and arrange for regular visits by our volunteers and their job is to make sure the family is being served in best possible way.

How We Help

It Starts With the Will to Make a Difference

Annuaal Picnic

Foundation arranges to hold picnics in major cities every year to bring the families together and provide them the opportunities to network and be part of a major group.  These families also gets opportunities to general counselling and to express their concerns.

Eid gifts

Every year for past several years, families of shohada and their children get a special treatment "Eid Gifts" to celebrate the occassion and to thanks Almighty for the blessings

Marriage Support

For past several years, SFP supports the weddings of daughters and sisters of Shohada.  Each to be wed daughters is gifted with Rs.100,000 to Rs.150,000 to help pay for the wedding expenses. Savriour is instrumental in supporting SFP with all these supports for last many  years, thanks to the generous donation jby momineen in US and Canada.


Bringing Hope to the World

The major departments/activities functioning to serve the families of shohada:

  • Annual picnics

  • Meelad and Majalis Programs 

  • Eid Gifts for children

  • Visits to Graveyards

  • Tablighaat Programs for Children

  •  Educational Career Counselling